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The current economic climate has meant that we have seen an increase in the number of people we provide housing advice and assistance to. We have developed this self service website to help you with your housing questions and provide you with the information you need to meet your housing needs, providing solutions that will resolve your situation speedily.

You can look at the information, watch films on some pieces of advice we provide, open links to other websites with more information on certain subjects and download letters that you can customise to meet your particular circumstances.

There is an option on the system for you to login or create an account to log in, in the future. This option allows you to save your favourite pieces of advice, access related topics that you have looked at as recommended by the website. It also allows you to be able to complete and submit forms on the system, making the process of telling us information much more simple for you to be able to do. This might be a question you want to ask us or an application for the bond assurance scheme we operate. If you have previously been into see us, then once we have verified who you are you will be able to access the information we hold and if you need to update this information you can complete a form to tell us your change in circumstances.

The housing assistant contains information that you will find broken down into subject headings that should make it easier for you to find the information and advice you need. For Example:

Not only is there a housing assistant on here but there is a job seekers assistant that allows you to apply for job seekers allowance online as well as creating your own CV and the ability to search for jobs available.

I hope that you find the information on here helpful and that the questions you wanted to ask have been answered. If you are still unsure and would like to know more detailed information why not create an account and log in where you will see there is a customer support form that you can complete and submit. The Housing Options Team can answer your questions by sending a message to your new account on here rather than you having to telephone or come into see us.

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